Recent Experience

C&I Studios

After graduating from The University of Central Florida in May of 2019, Jeff began working in the video production industry by freelancing as a PA with C&I Studios.

During this time, Jeff gained valuable hands-on experience with one of South Florida’s leading production studios, working both on and off set, assisting producers, camera operators, and other production workers in the filmmaking process.


Some of the projects Jeff worked on include music videos for artists, such as Black Violin and Cris Cab, and talking-head interviews of professors, students, and organization leaders on the Florida International University campus.

Other office duties include:

  • Providing administrative assistance, such as breaking down the logistics of scripts in preparation for shoots, overseeing the delivery of props and décor, and the distributing of talent release forms.
  • Managing the arrival of talent, production equipment, and set designs during studio-hosted events, known as Crew Call.
  •  Assisting in the production of in-studio interviews, known as Uncreative Radio.